James V. Segreto, Esq.
Retired Founding Partner
A Message from James V. Segreto

To all clients I have served over the past 52 years;

I thank you all for your loyalty and dedication over these many years to my firm and me. With a sense of self satisfaction, I announce my retirement from the practice of law. Those in the legal community who know I have been practicing as an attorney since 1955 have routinely asked me whether I would be retiring any time soon. I have always enjoyed being an attorney because aside from the business aspect of the profession, I have brought a sense of ease to those clients who have brought their issues to me; and I have always prided myself on the care and attention I devote to the cases I handle. Working with my son Thomas for nearly the past decade has filled me with a father's pride in watching our practice develop and watching my son learn from my experience and become an outstanding attorney. I have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that the tides have shifted in the past few years and I found myself learning from him!

I have had the pleasure of handling matters for clients who have expressed great sentiments of joy upon the conclusion of their matters. I have handled complex matters which seemed more like wrestling with an octopus than the practice of law. I have handled matters in just about every area of practice of law. In my career I have served many municipalities and local government entities and have served with many elected and appointed officials. Those in public service have had faith in me and later in my son to advise them what the legally appropriate course of action was. Throughout it all, I have always been mindful that the practice of law is a profession which serves people, not an assembly line product which is mass marketed for simply profit.

With much appreciation to all clients who have come to my firm and me for advice, I say thank you and bid you a fond farewell. It is my hope and wish that when you have a need for legal advice and or representation, you call my son and partner, Thomas A. Segreto.

In his nearly 10 years of experience practicing law with me, Thomas has practiced with a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill. Thomas has often said to me that the respect associated with the name “Segreto” was earned by me and that he has to make and earn his first name, “Thomas”.

As a member of the Bar for the past 52 years, a partner and father, I can tell you all, he has.

                                    Yours truly
                                    SEGRETO LAW OFFICES

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